Lighting Consultancy

A lighting consultancy is particularly good at designing the correct lighting placement, intensities and energy ratings. Lots of home owners and business owners want to get the very best bang for their buck from their the lights that they are generally going to use day in, day out. It has been proven that having the correct ambient lighting intensity and positioning helps to improve the productivity of workers in the workplace. Poor lighting decreases moral and concentration is decreased because of the resulting eyestrain from having the incorrect amount of light. Lots of different factors can contribute towards the design of a particular interior even down to the colour that the walls and ceilings are decorated in.

Other factors that contribute towards the intensity, type and positions of ambient lights in a given room include the amount of natural light the the windows let in. It becomes a matter of balancing the artificial and natural light. Obtaining the right balance is the number one aim of a successful lighting designer. Lighting design consultancies specialise in just this – getting the correct balance, position and intensity of a client’s interior lighting. This type of skill takes years of training and experience to perfect. The top consultants and practitioners can literally visit a location and then use their professional software to render a successful design.

Home owners can have it all with the latest TV Entertainment Systems, lovely decor, fitted kitchens and professionally designed bathrooms. but what about professionally designed lighting layouts? Well, you need a qualified and experienced lighting designer to make this happen. The very best lighting consultants work at the top lighting design consultancies. If you want your home to impress and feel great then you need to get a professional in to help you with your interior design and to fit your lights in the best possible positions in your rooms. There will also be a cost saving in terms of amount of energy that is used. It is surprising how much energy can be wasted by having lights that are fitted in less than optimum positions and it is also common for non-professionals to fit the incorrect intensity luminaires. In fact, there can often be dramatic energy savings from simply using the correct type and power of luminaire for a given scenario.