What is Micro-Consulting and How Much Does it Pay?

Okay so, you are probably wondering what micro-consulting is aren’t you, well, micro-consulting is a lot like regular consulting, but it comes in short bursts. That is to say that normally there isn’t a large amount of money that changes hands, and there aren’t any large reports, research projects, and work involved. Rather someone who is very entrenched in a given industry makes themselves available for questions. And entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and business startups can send them an e-mail, or a text message, or perhaps even call them on the phone with questions.

The micro consultant will answer these questions for a nominal fee and give bits and pieces of wisdom to the individual making the inquiry. If you consider Yahoo Answers and the types of questions people ask into the computer, perhaps you can understand why business people need a “go to guy” or gal in the industry that can answer important questions immediately. Sometimes business folks need the answer right away, but they can’t find it online because all of the top industry professionals don’t necessarily put out that type of information, and it’s often not common knowledge.

However, if you, as the micro-consultant make a deal with them for a nominal fee to be on call so to speak to answer basic easy questions, they are more than likely to pay you for your services. I’ve done quite a bit of micro-consulting, and the way I do it is; I have someone put $100 on my Starbucks card, or perhaps pay me $250-$500 on PayPal, and I make myself available if they have questions in the industry. Sometimes people never ask me questions, other times they may go months between questions. Sometimes my answers lead to even more questions, which is okay too.

Rather than trying to make a whole bunch of money off one or two consulting clients, in this way you can have 50 to a 100 clients and go about your daily life, and do a little traveling, and as long as you are near a computer or access to the Internet and get back to them within 24-hours or so, everyone’s happy. Best of all your clients will not quit, they will just use up their allotted time, and when either of you feels that you deserve more, you just make mention of it.

You’d be surprised how well micro-consulting works, and how easy it is to do, that is if you are an expert in your industry. Because if you are one of the best in your industry, you will always be needed as other business people in the industry need someone to bounce ideas off of, and to ask questions to. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Lighting Consultancy

A lighting consultancy is particularly good at designing the correct lighting placement, intensities and energy ratings. Lots of home owners and business owners want to get the very best bang for their buck from their the lights that they are generally going to use day in, day out. It has been proven that having the correct ambient lighting intensity and positioning helps to improve the productivity of workers in the workplace. Poor lighting decreases moral and concentration is decreased because of the resulting eyestrain from having the incorrect amount of light. Lots of different factors can contribute towards the design of a particular interior even down to the colour that the walls and ceilings are decorated in.

Other factors that contribute towards the intensity, type and positions of ambient lights in a given room include the amount of natural light the the windows let in. It becomes a matter of balancing the artificial and natural light. Obtaining the right balance is the number one aim of a successful lighting designer. Lighting design consultancies specialise in just this – getting the correct balance, position and intensity of a client’s interior lighting. This type of skill takes years of training and experience to perfect. The top consultants and practitioners can literally visit a location and then use their professional software to render a successful design.

Home owners can have it all with the latest TV Entertainment Systems, lovely decor, fitted kitchens and professionally designed bathrooms. but what about professionally designed lighting layouts? Well, you need a qualified and experienced lighting designer to make this happen. The very best lighting consultants work at the top lighting design consultancies. If you want your home to impress and feel great then you need to get a professional in to help you with your interior design and to fit your lights in the best possible positions in your rooms. There will also be a cost saving in terms of amount of energy that is used. It is surprising how much energy can be wasted by having lights that are fitted in less than optimum positions and it is also common for non-professionals to fit the incorrect intensity luminaires. In fact, there can often be dramatic energy savings from simply using the correct type and power of luminaire for a given scenario.

How Recruitment Consultants Are Used in the Sales Market

The sales market is a competitive area to get into so any employment opportunities that come along should be taken very seriously. Recruitment consultants are there to help anyone wanting to gain employment in the sales sector. Employers who are looking for new candidates to join their growing business will also find benefit from liaising with an employment agency.

From the perspective of someone who is looking for work in the sales sector there is a lot to be gained from signing up with a recruitment agency. There are many agencies that specialize in this area of business and they are more than capable of finding the right position for any individual who has something special to offer. Once you are on board with a recruitment agency you will be guided into a new employment opportunity by a dedicated recruitment consultant. They will help you to develop a CV to fit the needs of your ideal job in sales and then help you to get that job. Recruitment consultants will provide a candidate with the following services;

Once you have signed up with a sales recruitment agency they will help you to determine what the right sales job is for you.
A recruitment consultant will guide you into the right job by taking positive steps to reach that goal.
They will take your CV and examine it thoroughly to see if there is any aspect of it that needs to be changed. If there are changes that need to be made then they will take care of this for you.
You will be taken through the numerous positions that are on the agencies database to help match your CV to the right position.
Above all else, it is in the best interests of the recruitment consultant to set you up in the right job as they have a reputation to uphold; with the client and the candidate.

Clients have a lot to gain when it comes to making a connection with a recruitment agency that specializes in the sales sector. They offer the client a wide range of services including;

Comprehensive advertising campaigns.
A skilled recruitment consultant will help you to find the right candidate for your company.
To save a sales company both time and effort a sales recruitment agency will conduct the first interview with a potential candidate to find out if they are right for the job.

Benefits and Use of Recruitment Consultants in the Sales Market

Recruitment consultants form an important link between the employer and employee. The sales market is a competitive area and recruitment agencies help to bring available jobs to the attention of potential employees.

There are many different types of sales positions available to any enthusiastic individual wanting to apply and these are covered by the best recruitment agencies. A recruitment consultant will be on hand to offer expert advice regarding a possible vacancy. With their guidance you can filter out the jobs that don’t apply and focus on the jobs that match your skills and level of expertise. The different types of sales positions that might be on offer at a recruitment agency include;

Sales jobs in the IT sector.

Sales jobs in the marketing sector.
Sales jobs in the engineering sector.
For the employee there are a number of advantages to signing up with a recruitment agency over compared with searching for a job with no assistance. Once you have signed up with a recruitment agency you will be able to tap into the knowledge and expertise of the recruitment consultants at hand. You will feel safe in their hands as you are guided through the different positions in the sales sector so that you can be sure that you are applying for the right position. As there are many different types of sales jobs out there it is important to gain expert advice so that the best positions are found. Recruitment consultants will help you by taking the following important steps;

You can have a one to one consultation with a highly skilled recruitment staff member. They will help you by learning about your skills and job aspirations.

They can analyse your CV to determine whether it is of a sufficient quality to be sent out to any potential employers.
Once the CV is ready to be seen by a potential employer in the sales sector a recruitment consultant will find a job that is specific to your requirements.
An employer looking for people to fill their vacancies will find that an employment agency is the best and most efficient path to go down. Employers looking for suitable candidates to fill their vacancies will experience the following benefits;

Employers will be able to access a large database of potential candidates.

The first interview will be carried out by the employment agency. This helps the employer save valuable time.
Important administrative duties will be carried out by the agency. An employer will also experience ongoing customer service.
All in all recruitment consultants and agencies are a great benefit to the employer and the employee.

Assured Recruitment Solutions are specialist recruitment consultants for the sales, technology, retail and finance sectors within the UK. With vast experience in placing senior appointments and acting as consultants for the UK’s largest private organisations Assured is leading the way in offering more bespoke and integrated recruitment processes. For more information on Assured Recruitment visit [http://www.assuredrecruit.com]

Finding a Good Inbound Marketing Consultant Five Questions

Inbound Marketing is a web marketing strategy dependent on relating with purchasers using content marketing. Your consumers are on Bing and Google and social media web sites hunting for tips to aid their purchase choice. Getting to most of these potential buyers is the core process concerning content marketing. If you’re looking for an expert to advance qualified targeted traffic to your web site here are 5 key qualifications when hiring a consultant.

1. Official certifications. Hubspot, the preeminent Website marketing software company has a thorough training curriculum where one can obtain two different levels of qualification. The first is a Primary Certification. This particular level contains various topics including Website SEO, web page landing page development, blogging optimization and CRM management. Of the 4,200 people who have the primary certification program 65% currently have passed. The next level is Honors Certification. Merely 15% have reached this level. Here you master advanced Inbound strategies connected with reporting business results, lead nurturing and customer relationship management. In both situations, the Hubspot accreditation is the business standard for a content marketing advisor.

2. Content Material Development. The engine which moves beneficial online marketing is content creation. Blogging, premium content (for example, whitepapers) in addition to online video are all necessary ways of putting “thought leadership” subject matter on-line. A good consultant has the assets either to produce the information for you or enable your personnel to do so themselves. It is very important determine if the consultant has blogging methods and resources relative to your business. Always be certain to ask about video as well. The reply needs to be yes. What’s more, it shouldn’t be costly either.

3. SEO Expertise. Search engine optimization is crucial in order to the way which content is built. In particular, just what subjects and also search terms might resonate most with your clients who are searching on the web. Website SEO should be constructed into all of the articles, specifically blogging work. Ask your marketer to describe the direction they would most likely optimize your blog posts. At minimum they ought to discuss title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags and back-linking (external and internal). Ask about off-page methods for link building for instance newswire distribution in addition to competitive link examination to find out exactly where your competition are gaining one-way links. Finally, you should question if your inbound consultant will optimize your online video media content for increased direct exposure.

4. Site Management Experience. Ascertain the amount of knowledge your outsourced solution has got running internet websites. Expertise managing a web site indicates that they understand technology, content, internet website marketing, Public relations, Google analytics and finance. This expertise will assist you to gauge if they understand each of the parts an online content marketing strategy involves. In addition, their ability to deal with virtually all levels of your organization. People with lots of Facebook or Twitter friends are not necessarily the most suitable match to interface with your senior management.

5. Duration of Engagement. There are not any speedy results. You can ask the marketing consultant how much time it’ll be to find out results. An appropriate reply really should be is that if the procedure is put into practice and also the suitable internal resources are committed, about four to six months to begin to determine results including more traffic plus additional leads to your web site.

High Priced Consulting – Announcing 4 Turbo Methods to Explode Your High Priced Consulting

Based on statistics, the number of people who are offering high priced consulting services have grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Well, it is not surprising as this endeavor promises huge earnings for the right people. Imagine, you can potentially make up to $100,000 per month as long as you have what it takes to help your clients in reaching their goals or in improving the quality of their lives.

Here’s how you can explode your high priced consulting:

1. Be different. You can easily make a name in this field and easily convince people to do business with you if you know how to set yourself apart from the rest. Check out similar high priced consulting services that are being offered by your leading competitors. Take note of their strengths, major selling points, and weaknesses. Keep these in mind when designing your own offerings. Make sure that you offer products and services that your clients will not possibly find elsewhere. Also, make sure that your consulting services are far better and more useful compare to your competitors’.

2. Active listening. Your clients will surely appreciate it if you can offer them as much time as they need especially when they talk about their problems or the reasons why they signed up to your services. Make sure that you give them your undivided attention to make them feel valued. Do not simply hear what they are saying instead, strive to listen actively. Try to digest everything that they are trying to get across to get a clear picture of their situation.

3. Keep your clients on the loop. You need to involve these people on all phases of your consulting program. After getting them to tell you their problems or the things that they would like to have some improvements on, involve them when making your action plans. Working hand in hand with your clients in looking for the best solutions can surely produce a great outcome.

4. Share your knowledge. Don’t hesitate to offer everything you know to your clients. There are some consultants who are not willing to share every piece of information they have because they fear that these will be distributed to other people and will lead to losing their prospects’ businesses. Well, this is not the best route to go if you want to impress your clients and give them their money’s worth, right?

MLM Consulting and Prepaid Legal Review

MLM Consulting is becoming a common business and it has increased over the years. One of the newest and most promising MLM Consulting jobs is selling legal prepaid insurance. The Internet holds an abundance of MLM Consulting positions, also.

MLM Consulting firms that sell prepaid legal insurance is an excellent way to make a living. If you are looking into making a serious career change because you are tired of the corporate world, then you might consider selling prepaid legal insurance. The benefits of this type of MLM Consulting are amazing. You can work your own hours and be your own boss. Your pay is based on how hard you want to work. The flexibility alone is a fantastic reason to become a distributor of prepaid legal insurance.

Another excellent benefit of the MLM Consulting industry with prepaid legal insurance is that there are different positions that you can work. If you don’t want to sell insurance but you want to find people under you to sell, then you can do just that. You can recruit new distributors all day long and get paid daily for each one of them that you bring into the business. You also have the option of not building up a network of recruiters but just selling the insurance, too.

The amount of money that you can make selling prepaid legal insurance can be unheard of and you wouldn’t dream about it with the job you are in today. Again, your pay is based on how hard you want to work, how many hours each week you dedicate to your business, and which duties you are performing with your business. The opportunity of selling prepaid legal insurance is endless.

Anyone can sell prepaid legal insurance. You don’t have to have a degree or a background in sales. If you are interested in multi-level marketing and you are hesitant because of your background or lack of experience, don’t worry.

Prepaid legal opportunities have training programs for everyone and when you are finished with the program, you will walk away with a certificate of completion. This will certify that you are ready to begin your new career as a prepaid legal consultant and you are qualified. People from all walks of life join the prepaid legal profession.

Now is the perfect time to get in on MLM Consulting selling prepaid legal insurance because this type of insurance has not saturated the market yet and many people are willing to buy it.

Prepaid legal insurance is an excellent idea and favored by many people, especially if they find themselves having many transactions that they need a lawyer with. Legal insurance is just like medical insurance and people want to know that they have a legal representative when they need it. It also eliminates the stress of having to find someone in desperate times.

People pay a monthly fee for prepaid legal insurance and they have a copay upon using the services, just like medical insurance. Now is the time to sell it because society knows how expensive an attorney can be and most people cannot come up with the money for one instantly. The beautiful thing about prepaid legal insurance is that you receive a monthly commission off of people’s monthly payments.

Today, one of the most successful upcoming trends with MLM Consulting is selling prepaid legal insurance. Now is the time to jump in before the market is saturated. The amount of money that can be made in this field is unlimited.

Global Tax Consulting Services

If you are an independent contractor, consultant or an expatriate working offshore it may be advisable to get a reputable tax consulting company to look after all your taxation and social security needs. It is important to find a tax consulting service which can offer premium taxation and financial planning services today. Choose a company which can offer services for the country or your destination. Get a taxation consulting company which is able to expand their services globally.

Choose a tax consulting company which can tailor make solutions for independent consultants, ensure your service is familiar with your financial affairs in your chosen country and has made all the necessary registrations as well as financial management issues for that particular country. Be sure that you have chosen the most proficient taxation experts to deal with your affairs.

Today it is becoming more and more important to ensure compliancy with the regulations and standards for tax posed by your destination country. Tax authorities have become more vigilant in regard to foreign contractors. Your chosen tax consulting company can ensure that all regulations are met, registering with correct tax valuation to legitimately minimize social security and taxation liabilities, pay the correct amount, pay on time and avoid any default taxation fees. Make sure you choose a company which will meet these types of requirements time and again.

Find a tax consulting company which believes in minimizing your financial liabilities and increasing your take home pay. If it is a professional taxation service, you will find other useful services to assist you while you work over seas, such as financial planning, multilingual services, visa and work permit advice and assistance, general tax and social security strategy and administration, billing, procurement of a temporary mailing address, assistance with personal banking and advice on living and working abroad, such as housing, pay rates, cost of living, travel insurance, medical insurance and more.

Rid yourself of legal headaches and burdens; use a professional tax consultant company to organize your financial affairs when working overseas. Get a tax consultant company to handle all the administration associated with your overseas employment contract.

How to Choose a Social Media Consultant

If you are looking for social media consultancy then you may be struggling. There are a number of great internet marketing companies out there and it can be difficult knowing what to look for. Let’s have a quick look at ways you can find a social media consultant.

On the internet:

Having a look on the internet should be quite productive. Browse through lots of different websites of internet marketing agencies. Doing this should help you get a feel for each company and could give you an idea of which agency will be a good fit for you and your business.


Another way of finding a social media consultant is to ask around for recommendations. The implementation of social media campaigns is a fairly common thing these days so you will probably know someone who has worked with this kind of consultant. You probably have a number of trusted businesses acquaintances or even friends who you could turn to for a recommendation. The good thing about using a recommended company is that you will get to talk to someone who has worked with them first hand.

These are just two ways in which you can search for a consultant. Try to find someone who has expertise in the area that you are requiring consultancy. Before you start looking for your consultant you need to know exactly what you are looking for. You may want to learn how to run a Twitter campaign, if so, although many consultants will have a broad skill knowledge; it is no good picking someone who specialises in YouTube videos.

Hiring an SEO Consultant – Top 4 Advantages

Hiring an SEO Consultant has become critical to the success of online business. As every industry has become more competitive online, business owners are struggling to expand their revenue. Search engine optimization offers a cost-effective solution. When executed properly, it can build your website’s exposure, increase your traffic, and improve your conversions. But, an effective search engine optimization campaign requires the trained proficiency of an experienced SEO consultant.

Many business owners have been surprised to learn that their own efforts have sabotaged their ability to rank competitively in Google’s organic listings. That problem is easy to avoid. Below, you’ll discover the four key advantages of hiring an SEO consultant.

#1 – A Comprehensive Approach

The search engine optimization landscape changes quickly. Achieving and maintaining a top ranking requires a careful approach that brings together several disciplines. It is no longer sufficient to stuff keywords onto pages. Similarly, link popularity has given way to link authority. Thematic content should be woven into web 2.0 properties. An SEO consultant will provide a comprehensive approach that integrates the most effective optimization techniques.

#2 – Clarity of Purpose and Goals

With each change in the search engines’ ranking algorithms, a new crop of rumors and speculative theories emerge. As a result, business owners unwittingly adopt search engine optimization methodologies that are based upon fallacies. They lead nowhere and poor organic rankings predictably follow. Experienced SEO consulting specialists have developed a keen sense for sensible strategies that yield long-term results. In effect, a skilled SEO consultant can see through the hype and identify the most advantageous path toward a high ranking.

#3 – Increased Exposure And Traffic

The goal of an SEO consultant is to lift your website to the top organic rankings for your main keywords. In doing so, you’ll enjoy more exposure to your targeted audience. However, mere exposure is not enough. When your audience sees your site at the top of Google’s listings, they must be compelled to click through and visit. Search engine optimization experts realize that exposure without traffic offers little value. A large part of an SEO consultant’s job is to bring that traffic to your site.

#4 – Access To Hard-Earned Expertise

Search engine optimization requires a blend of several refined skills. From SEO copywriting to thematic link building and from web 2.0 integration to social media marketing, SEO consulting is both art and science. Not only does it take years to develop these skills, but an effective SEO consultant realizes that algorithms change constantly. Keeping up with them is not a part-time endeavor; it requires dedication. When you hire an SEO consultant, you’ll gain access to their hard-earned expertise.

One of the main challenges for business owners who want to reach their audience online is to create a reliable funnel of search engine traffic. But, the days when search engine optimization could be performed quickly and simply are long gone. It is now a complex discipline incorporating multiple skills. By hiring an SEO consultant, you can tap into these skills and enjoy measurable, sustainable results.